Wednesday, July 14, 2010

4th of July

Show Low parade with all the Tucker cousins.Berkeley learning to stand.

Crazy boys making faces.

Making cupcakes (and messes) with grandma.

Berkeley's favorite cabin activity-having a brother drive her around so she can giggle and wave at everyone watching.

Our almost complete garage addition.

West Fork

West Fork is up by Big Lake outside of Pine Top. It was a really fun and remote campground. We only stayed a few days, but had a lot of fun. Stephen thought he was the king fisherman out there and enjoyed practicing his casting skills.

Verde Valley

In April we took a trip on the Verde Valley Railroad. It was really pretty and the kids loved it. It was mostly retirees and older couples, so we got the stink-eye a few times at first for bringing the little kids, but they surprisingly used really good manners, and by the end of the trip the other passengers were quite taken by them. I was shocked, but happy.

Maroon and Gold

ASU's annual Maroon and Gold game. Brady and Stephen were so excited to see Sparky, until he showed up. Then Stephen was still excited, but Brady started crying and wanted nothing to do with him. I guess he's too big and scary in person.

Picnic with Nana

This is a picnic we had at Sheepherder's Park.

The kids thought they were doing some awesome tricks on the playground.

Easter 2010

Here are some cute pictures from my Dad's house and Easter.
Launching jell-o eggs with Gramp.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

The last nine months...

Apparently I haven't been keeping up with my blog lately. Let's see...

In July we went up north for the 4th and had a fun time at the Show Low parade. We liked it so much, we ended up buying a cabin close by. We spent a lot of the summer-time there hanging out and fixing it up (or watching my Dad fixing it up). The boys loved it. And I loved not being in Mesa the whole time while I was 8 months pregnant.

Stephen started pre-kindergarten in August and LOVES it. He has four of his fellow church class-mates in school with him, which made for an easy transition.

The boys both had b-days in September and we had a little party for them.

In October we welcomed our little girl. She is so sweet and is always happy. She really likes watching her brothers play (or fight usually) and they love to give her kisses.

We had a fun Haloween, and it was awesome seeing everyone at Thanksgiving.

Christmas was fun and busy as usual.

We went to the sand dunes a few times with family and had a good time.

After Christmas we played in the snow and got really cold.

Our most recent adventure was to Rocky Point for Spring Break. We go every year, and it's always fun. The kids love playing on the beach with their cousins and splashing in the water. This year we had a beach-front spot. That was really nice so the baby could take a nap while we were on the beach with everyone.